Granier Designs

Design with me through Granier Designs, the parent company of Footprints on the Wall.  I work with the philosophy of leaving a lasting and positive impression with all of my clients.

I love coming home to a sort of “sanctuary”, don’t you? When the day is over and your feet are dog tired, you pull into your parking garage or driveway and you can already feel the hot shower, the clean pj’s, fluffy socks, a cup of tea, a wag of a tail or a purr of your kitty. 


How do you see your space around you? Do you look around and see visual clarity? Do you see and feel a space that allows you to relax and let your mind go? A space where you can clear your head and get to your real passion? Maybe your work IS your real passion. Maybe you actually have the opportunity to work from your home. Does your home allow you the head space to work affectively? If yes, then fan-tastic!! If not, I can help.

I am an Interior Designer with multi-passions and I know how beneficial it is to have the space to create. Whether that is creating a project or creating peace of mind. I began Granier Designs in 2009 because I believe everyone should feel a sense of calm and harmony when they come home and that is what I love to help people do. So, if you are ready and you don’t know how or where to start, please contact me and we will work together to get you the home you love to come home to…

Just go to services to see all of my design options . I want to make it as smooth as possible and work with you in whatever capacity that makes you comfortable.

See you there!


PS ~ Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


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