Giving Back

Any business reaches it’s success because of the support of their clients and customers. And, as any business owner knows, it takes a lot of thought on the part of those supporters to make a decision to purchase that companies products or services.

We all value the money we work so hard for and because we are fortunate enough to purchase products and services that are beyond our basic needs, I feel it is right for Granier Designs & Footprints on the Wall to give back.

For every dollar spent on products and services provided by Granier Designs and Footprints on the Wall, 5% will go to one of the following organizations. You can either choose which one, or I will put the funds into the organizations as they are needed.

fullerton 2All the Arts for All the Kids is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.  I have worked with and for All the Arts for over 12 years and I can truly say that there is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when they are engaged in something they are creating.  From music and dance to graphic and visual arts.  Supporting kids by showing them all of the possibilities in life that are out there, is the best gift we can give them.

All the Arts for All the Kids Mission…

The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining, and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.
It is this organization’s passionate belief that the arts are the birthright of every child, and as such, the Foundation champions the arts in the Fullerton School District. We enthusiastically raise funds which are used exclusively to supplement the District’s ongoing arts programs.
This grass roots community effort is staffed solely by volunteers, so that all proceeds go directly to the children in every school in the District.

All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation holds a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.


Footprints 2

Footprints on the Wall Foundation

Footprints on the Wall Foundation is an organization that I wanted to develop for families who might not have all the means necessary to create a beautiful home.  Having a wonderful space to come home to, even if it is just one room in your house to unwind and refresh yourself, is so important for your well-being.

It is just in it’s formative stage right now, but as Footprints grows, I envision the funds helping people at whatever capacity we can provide.  Even if that means just providing a new sofa or comfy reading chair.

At this time, Footprints on the Wall does not have a non-profit status, so please consult your tax advisor regarding any credits during tax season.  I will be working on this status for the future.


Thank you for your support!!  It is truly appreciated.

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