We’re All Mad Here

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Sophie sits at her dining room table in her humble apartment on any particular Saturday. She is researching the arts and depression and why so many creative people seem to think they need to be tortured to do any kind of meaningful work. As she sits, a knock comes to the door and her heart leaps. She wonders who would be calling at such an early time in the morning. It is 6:55am.

She waits a moment and then ventures to look out the peep hole. Peering through the paint- spattered glass, she can see nothing but the door opposite hers. She stands still and listens. Nothing. She unlocks the door and slowing opens it to see if she can satisfy her curiosity.

Upon opening the door, she looks down, and there, at her feet, is her door mat moulded into a lumpy form. She lifts the mat to reveal a pile of emptied contents of some kind.

At first, it doesn’t register. Without her glasses she can’t make out the sandy clumps. It wasn’t until she gets a closer look that she can see the true identity of the remains. Someone had emptied their cat box completely at her door and covered it up with her mat.

Who would do this? Why on her door step? Was it someone who had something against her? Why would anybody in their right mind consider doing something like this?

She thinks again—with the local JC only a couple blocks away, the building was inundated with juveniles. Only someone as unthinking and uncaring as a kid would do something like this!

How dare they interrupt her perfectly, peaceful morning of researching why people are so crazy!!

Moving on up…

This has been a crazy end of the month around here. We are moving on up, literally. We moved upstairs, to a bigger apartment, and we have been unpacking, organizing, and trying to fill the rooms with our lovely personalities…...