Me and Tawnya

So, what’s in a name?


Footprints on the Wall is really the philosophy umbrella of Granier Designs, my Interior Design business.

As a kid, I don’t remember a time that I didn’t think of acting. I wanted to sing and dance in musicals up on the big screen. My all-time favorite movie was Sining in the Rain. I would sit, about 2 feet from the television and gawk every time it came on. (Which means I had to wait and look for it because we didn’t have recording devices back then)

Well, I got fascinated by the scene where Donald O’Connor did the backflip off the walls in the number Make ’em Laugh. So much so that I had this notion to try it. I went into our living room, that was empty at the time (can’t remember why) and attempted to run up the wall and flip. I tried several times only to stop myself 1/3 of the way up and jumped off the wall back to my feet. I knew I would break something important, like my neck. In trying this daredevil feet, I noticed that I had left footprints on the wall.

Looking back at that time and connecting the dots to who I am today, it all came full circle. I was attempting something that was strange and different. That is the philosophy behind Footprints on the Wall Magazine. I want to bring all kinds of different things to my readers. Some things are familiar and some are not. Things that matter. I strive to always make them intriguing and inspiring. I want to leave my impression on the world before I exit stage right and believe the majority of us all want to do the same. In all of our individual, crazy, and thought provoking ways. Whatever that might be.

Footprints on the Wall Magazine is centered around habitat, health, and humanity. The things I feel we all live with on a daily basis. I want to explore ways to bring beauty into all of these areas.

My name is Kimberly Patten-Granier (pronounced Grahn-yay) and my identity is seeker and philanthropist, student and teacher, entrepreneur and employee and, as a real estate agent once called me, “Pollyanna”.  (Because I thought the housing-bubble-burst was a good thing so people would finally begin to live within their means and mortgage companies would be watched more closely) I’ll take it! I think the world could use a little more Pollyanna and a lot less of Pessimistic Patty’s!

So, there I sit, on a furry sofa with my friend, Tawnya, (I’m the one on the right) at the WestEdge Design Show.  Not because I would buy that sofa but because it is unique and someone took the energy to go with their gut and covered it in fur. If you know what I mean…

Let’s all do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to expose your inner crazy…You never know where it will take you and what footprints you will leave in this world.

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Have a wonderful day and life!!